Take Better Care Of Your Eyes and Avoid Glasses, Lenses, Doctors, Medicines

I am the one who hate spectacles or contact lens. I do not want to spend my hard-earned money on them and do not want to waste the precious time of my life to take care of them. During my teenager, there was a begining of short eyesight. Until now, I am almost 40 but I have never spent any cent on glasses or contact lens. All you have to remember and act upon are food, exercise, massage and rest.

Food – Allow only small amount of saturated fat. This is common sense in general health care since saturated fat can accumulate in the eye muscles and obstruct their proper movements. Coconut oil is an exception. It is good saturated fat that we should consume. Moreover, occasionally eat ginseng because it helps improve effectiveness of using blood oxygen, including in the eyes.
Exercise – Exercise in this case consists of whole body exercises, eye exercises, body postures, and regular breathings. Exercise your whole body regularly is common sense. It promotes better health for the whole body including eyes. For eye exercise, rotate your eyes back and forth everyday or as often as possible. Next, while sitting or standing at work, your upper body posture should always be upright, allowing effective blood circulation and breathing. Finally, you have to force your breathing. Do not let your body breath on its own. That is not enough.
Massage – Massage in order to relax the muscle tension and improve blood circulation. This includes body massage, foot massage and face massage.Occasionally do whole body massage to avoid muscle tension for the whole body and to improve overall body blood circulation, including in the eyes. Next, often use a foot massage pad that has a lot of buttons where you can step on it. Massaging the feet will reflect the nerve system from your feet to anywhere of the body. Finally, regularly massage your face and your head.
Rest – This includes body rest and eye rest. Body rest means that you have to have enough healthy sleep. For eye rest, regularly find some chance of the day to conduct the following activity. Sit at the table, relax, remember that your upper body posture should always be upright. Gently close your eyes and use each of your hands to gently close each of your eyes. Your palms should touch your face. Think about nothing, keep breathing as usual. Remain in this position for at least half a minute or as long as you want. Relax all the time of this activity.

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