The Discovery of Eyeglasses

The phenomenon of magnification and the change in size of the image through certain materials was observed many centuries ago. But there are no records which reveal the name of the person who discovered this phenomenon. Thereafter, the development in scientific techniques and skills led to the discovery of the eye glasses which could be used to magnify the image of an object.

However, it is said that the first person to use glass filled with water to view an enlarged image of the words written on the book was a Roman named Seneca. And then The Italians started using the glass materials to enlarge the image of an object and called the material used by them as reading stones.

Then there was a great discovery from the land of Italy when an inventor named Salvino D’Armate created the first reading glasses that were able to be worn on the face. Around the year 1752, eyeglass designer James Ayscough introduced his spectacles with double-hinged side pieces. The glasses lenses were made of tinted glass as well as clear.

Now, eye glasses have become a common thing. Anyone having a problem with their eyesight can use these easily portable, convenient and light weighed eye glasses. It has solved the problems of millions of people suffering from eye defects. It has enabled people to read without strain on their eyes. The eye glasses used today are according to the convenience of the people. There is no need to balance them on your face as it was supposed to be done during the earlier time. The frames are so well adjusted to fit the size of your face.

Hence, the history of eye glasses has been very interesting and has proved to be very useful. Even now, the attempts to improve the quality of material for magnification are still on till we get the best out of it. So now, people can enjoy their lives as they used to do earlier with much more comfort. is the emerging online optical store selling high quality cheap glasses, such as prescription eyeglasses (single vision myopic glasses, bifocal and progressive eyeglasses etc.,), prescription sunglasses (with RX tinted lenses). guarantees lowest possible price in the market. CheapGlasses123’s return and refund policy makes any purchase risk-free ones.