The Variety in the Eyeglasses Market Satisfies Even the Most Demanding

The first eyeglass was made with the sole purpose of curing the defective vision of human beings. As time went on,

o Advances in technology
o Better efforts by the inventors
o Changing tastes of the people

led to the manufacture of different types of eyeglasses.

The different types of eyeglasses are:

1. Corrective Type of Eyeglasses

o These are the most commonly used type of eyeglasses.
o These are used primarily to correct problems with the eyesight
o These are used to cure Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia as well.
o Bifocal lenses are used to enable the person to focus on close and far away objects without needing to swap glasses
o Reading glasses makes it very easy to perform activities that require focus to be concentrated at an arm’s length or closer.
o Progressive lenses do not have the sharp bifurcating line that is found in bifocals. The adjustment of vision is smoother and comforting.

2. Sunglasses

o These are eyeglasses designed to protect the eyes from the harsh glare of the sun rays. These glasses contain tinted lenses.
o A particular type of lens which turns dark when introduced to light is also used
o A lot of variety is available in the sunglasses market today.
o Non prescription sunglasses are very popular
o Those who lead a very active life should opt for prescription sunglasses. They will not have to compromise on vision clarity for protection from the sun. This product is suitable for those who spend a lot of time in the sun.
o Golfers, tennis players and shooters use yellow lenses. These lenses help them identify the ball or target faster.

3. Safety Eyeglasses

o These glasses are very special kind of glasses
o They are made of shatter resistant lenses
o Plastic is the preferred material to make these glasses
o They are used in factories, construction sites and even labs.
o They protect the eyes from flying debris.
o Their strength and safety depends on the risk factor.
o They can be modified to provide protection again chemicals and sparks as well.
o They can be used to cure eyesight problems as well.
o One type of safety glass or protective glass is the swimming goggles. These goggles are designed to keep the chlorinated water out of the eye of the swimmer.
o Even the swimming goggles can be modified to correct vision problems. Such glasses are very useful for professional swimmers.

As you can see, eyeglasses can no longer be called just a device having curative features. Non prescription sun glasses do nothing other than keeping the sun out of your eyes. Further, the style aspect of the eyeglasses has become very important.

Irrespective of the purpose for which the glasses are being used, nobody wants a pair of eyeglasses which does not make the person look good.

Rather than ensuring the eyeglasses do not spoil one’s appearance, the same are being used to actually improve the appearance. Eyeglasses are being used to make us look good… rather ironic is it not??