Tips on Finding the Most Suitable Eyeglasses Frames For You

Frame is a very important factor to determine whether the eyeglasses are fashionable, gorgeous and high-quality. The color, shape and embellishments are all part of a stylish frame. In this case, designer eyeglasses must have incomparable advantages over the ordinary ones. But when we go to purchase a pair of designer eyeglasses, we may find they all look fabulous in the shop window, however, they actually do not look fabulous on your face.

Therefore, it is most significant to get the satisfying designer eyeglasses. Three tips on choosing suitable eyeglasses are introduced below.

Firstly, you should know your face shape well. You can look into the mirror by pulling back your hair to assess your face shape. If you are not very sure about that, you can draw your face in the mirror or you can draw the outline of your face according your non-distorted photo. In that way, you can have a general idea of your face outline, round, square or heart-shaped? Then you can decide on what kind of frame shape fits your face shape well. If your face is round, square and rectangular glasses are both right choices, which can offset the curve of your face and make it seem not that round. If your face is heart-shaped, which means you have a wider forehead and a narrower chin, the frame that has a narrow top and wide bottom is strongly recommended. However, this kind of style is not easy to find, so you can refer to the rimless eyeglasses or the shape that has a round top and square bottom. If your face is oval, almost any shape of eyeglasses looks fine on you. So enjoy different shapes and different colors on you, even you can try the extravagant designer eyeglasses. It is likely to have stunning effects. In one word, the frame shape being opposite to your face shape may be more attractive.

Secondly, you come to consider the size of your eyeglasses. It still depends on your face size. If your face is small, just try the small frame. If your face is large, please do not even try the small one, for small frame may put people’s attention on your large face, which means eyeglasses emphasize the drawback of your face. Please remember one sentence that the size of your eyeglasses should complement the size of your face considering to be balanced and harmonious.

Finally, you come to the color of your eyeglasses. Learn it by heart that your frame color is decided by your skin color. If you have warm skin tone, you’d better choose the warm tone. If you have cool skin tone, you’d better choose the cool tone.

The temperament of a person is often extruded by some tiny decorations, such as neckerchief, necklace, earring, eyeglasses and so on. So it is very necessary to own a pair of suitable eyeglasses to make you to be charming. Following the general three tips, you can at least get a pair of good-looking eyeglasses. However, if you are brave enough to try some extraordinary, bold or unique designer eyeglasses, you may find another charming aspect on yourself.