Top Tips on How to See Without Glasses Or Lenses

I have worn eye wear ever since I was back in school. I studied diligently, though getting good grades through the journey in school, but lost my perfect eye sight due to bad eye habits and overstraining of the eyes. However, since then I only find my eye sight worsening with each year. Go and ask around your friends, colleagues or family members who wear eye glasses. Did their eye sight improve or worsen by wearing eye glasses?

I am sure most of them will say that their eyesight has worsened with eye glasses. Eye glasses are artificial and unnatural crutches that only help to relieve the symptoms, just like most western medicine. You should treat the cause instead, which is to get rid of bad eye habits and naturally heal your eyes back to perfect vision. The first tip will be to give your eyes much needed rest after intensive eye activities such as reading a book, watching the TV or computer screen. Rest your eyes every 30 minutes.

The second tip I have for you is to retrain your eyes. Yes, it will seem to be very difficult at first, but persevere and you will reach success in the end. Try to increase time period each without using glasses, and train your eyes to focus naturally. Do eye exercises such as eye ball rotations, and focusing on a solid object at varying depths and locations in front of you, without moving your head. The focusing exercise is best done with a partner.

The best advice is still to get rid of your glasses, and seek to regain your natural perfect eye sight. I have thrown away my glasses several years back, and was thankful that I am saved from a lifetime of eye wear inconveniences and costs.

I now have perfect vision in my right eye, and near perfect in my left. I have searched for natural ways to improve my vision, and have found one that actually works for me. Do check out the scientifically proven, natural and easy way to improve your vision, without burning a hole in your pocket.