Transition Eyeglasses Gift Me a Wonderful Golf Time in Summer

I am a golf lover, and I would go to play golf at least twice every month. It is really a great experience. However, when summer comes, I feel agonizing, because I feel hard to see my balls under the strong sunlight. You may ask why I don’t wear sunglasses. Unfortunately, I am a prescription eyeglass wearer and I feel uncomfortable and unadapted to wear contact lenses. Some friends have advised me to wear prescription sunglasses, but maybe I am such an unhandy person, and I feel dizzy when wearing prescription sunglasses. Therefore, I have to either give up the opportunities to enjoy golf in summer or fight back the affliction and have a bad experience.

I do not have a wonderful golf time in summer until one day I have tried transition eyeglasses, which are able to get dark when encountering with strong light, but return back to ordinary ones when I go indoors. Wearing them, I am able to keep an eye on my ball in all but the most blinding conditions, and an excellent golf experience is possible once again.

However, the first pair of transition eyeglasses I buy is not that satisfactory, because they take too long time to lighten up indoors, and when it comes the time when clouds move to ward off sunlight, I find it hard to get the acute position of my ball. I have to stand, waiting for the gray clouds passing by. Recommended by a professional technician concerned, I finally get my second pair which performs comparatively well. They are inclined to lighten up faster for the addition of certain elements. What’s more, there is no such a big color shift when clouds pass by.

Another issue that persuade me to buy transition eyeglasses is the cost. If I could feel comfortable to wear prescription sunglasses, I have to spend $300 to $400 while transition eyeglasses only cost $100 to $150. A great amount of money could be saved.

Consequently, transition eyeglasses are deserved to buy. Apart from golf, they are able to serve as a protection and help in many other outdoor activities, such as driving, skiing, hiking and sightseeing, etc. on those bright cloudless, relentlessly sunny days. If you still think you are not able to afford by $100, there is another choice for you: purchasing in on-line optical stores, for example,, where you can get discounts.