Trend of Development of Chinese Eyeglasses

What we are going to talk about here refer to corrective eyeglasses.

To meet the requirements of customers and the need for its healthy growth, Chinese eyeglasses industry in the future will have to, positively or passively, undergo some changes, which are considered to be the driving force for the development of Chinese eyeglasses industry. Here below are some possible changes for the future Chinese eyeglasses industry.

1. The standardization of products
The biggest change should be on lenses. The lenses will no longer be round only, but will be made into the shape identical to the shape of the frame directly. Therefore, there will be an increase of the technical parameters of lenses, for example, the outline parameter and location parameter of the optical center, etc.. The establishment and division of all those parameters come from the corporate champion of Chinese eyeglasses industry.

2. The standardization of optometry
Authorities concerned will cooperate with several powerful enterprises and professional medical institutions, to establish a set of comprehensive technical system for vision correction. This set of system will be repeatedly corrected and validated, and then comes to be a set of criterions in the eyeglasses industry.

3. The standardization of prescribing scheme of corrective eyeglasses
Besides a set of standardized optometry system, a set of trustful prescribing scheme is needed so as to bring customers the best vision effect. Strict prescribing factors and proper adjustment ability are necessary for the sake of good vision effect. It also should come from the cooperation of authorities concerned and some powerful enterprises and professional medical institutions.

4. Comprehensive technological supervision system
The technological supervision system has to play a role to standardize and supervise technology; to establish and constantly perfect the standardization of technology; to check the qualification to obtain employment; and to, in some degree, provide highly trained talents concerned.

Last but not the least, customers are the key link of every industry, so are they as for eyeglasses industry. In order to make customers pay their money at ease and with pleasure, satisfied service should be provided. Therefore, in the future in Chinese eyeglasses industry, to train professional and kind shop assistants should be never neglected and should be emphasized.