Wear Anti Glare Eyeglasses When You Drive at Night

People who drive at night would know that the headlights of automobiles driven head-on offend the eyes very much, especially when they drive on the roads where there are no street lamps, because glare is inclined to be given when there is high bright light in darkness. Glare refers to grievous strong light produced near high bright light source. It would probably contribute to blurred vision to the drivers. In addition, encountering glare, different drivers would take different periods of time to adapt and most of them would suffer from blind vision, as a result of which, they are hardly able to see roads ahead. Then car accidents are inclined to happen, especially when cars are driven at a very fast speeds

Then how to eliminate glare when you drive at night? Experts advise drivers to wear anti glare eyeglasses, which are specifically designed for drivers for night driving, they perform similar to sunglasses, however the lenses of latter ones are gradient color. Color of the upper part of lenses are darker, to shade sunlight, while that of the lower part gradually become light; lenses of the former ones are divided into four triangles by the diagonals. The triangles on the top left corner are of dark color, which are used to filter strong light, and the triangles on lower right corner are of lighter color, which are used to provide drivers a clear vision the see roads forward. It is reported that anti glare eyeglasses are equipped with strong light block rate 4 times to 20 times higher than ordinary sunglasses, and visible light transmission rate over 70%.

Therefore, it is better to prepare a pair of anti glare eyeglasses when you are intended to drive at night, for the sake of both safety and eye health. Besides, anti glare eyeglasses can be applied widely. One is thought to clearly see words on smooth planes which are very inclined to reflect light rays, if he/she wear anti glare eyeglasses.

Anti glare eyeglasses can be bought in large formal optical stores, what’s more, they are sold at different prices according to the materials, performances and designations of different eyewears. One could choose a proper pair based on his/her specific requirement. If you want to cheap ones, surfing on-line is good way, because eyewears displayed in on-line optical shops are much cheaper than those sold in local optical stores, because unnecessary expenses have eliminated there.