Wearing Reading Glasses Doesn’t Mean You Have to Give Up Styling

I have absolutely grown to love eye wear accessories! Most of my life, I’ve had 20/20 vision; however, through the years, it became increasingly hard to focus while trying to read things like a menu, a book, or even my watch! When someone first suggested that I might need bifocals, I was indignant! I equated needing bi-focals with aging and senior citizens. However, as my arms grew shorter (from trying to hold objects at a distance to focus), I gave in and went to one of the retailer optical supply chains. The optician fixed me up with a prescription for bi-focals. I picked out some lightweight eyeglass frames with a spring hinge. I tried wearing these spectacles for a while, but couldn’t figure out how to hold my head so I could see without much aggravation! So I went to one of the local discount drugstores, and found a display of ready to wear, non prescription, designer eyeglasses and eye wear accessories. I found a pair (power – 1.50). They weren’t sexy, but I could read!

Since those days, my nearsighted vision has continued to deteriorate, and my quest for good looking, fashion eyewear has escalated! I’ve found some really cute reading glasses that make a fashion statement. I love coordinating my sexy specs with whatever I’m wearing! My eye wear has become one of my greatest accessories! Whenever I find a coordinating eyeglass case for my reading glasses, it always makes my day! I just recently found some ultra light, reading sunglasses in a contemporary, compact travel case in my favorite color – purple! What fun!

Because I’m farsighted, I don’t wear reading glasses while driving; however, I keep a pair of modern readers in my car. Frequently while at a stop light, I may check my blackberry for emails and need my “cheaters.” I just slip these non prescription reading glasses on and my blurry screen comes into focus. I couldn’t travel without now without them. You never know when you may need to read a map, or check an address. That’s when you grab your eyeglasses with the strength and magnifying power you need to read close up!

I keep magnifying reading glasses everywhere: in the kitchen (for reading labels, recipes, cooking instructions, etc.); on the end table near my easy chair (for reading newspaper, magazines, good book); in the bathroom (for reading toiletry items); in my office (helps with computer glare); in the bedroom (for reading before I go to bed); and, of course, in my purse! Some of my folding glasses are very convenient! I love all kinds of styles: wire rim, granny, horn, tortoise, plastic, gold, silver, inexpensive, cheap, metal frames or plastic frames. There are cute readers for every location and style. Experiment today to get your optically correct power and just have some fun with non-prescription reading glasses! You can never have too many specs!