What Should You Look For When Going to Buy a New Pair of Glasses?

The following article could have been humorously renamed the specs of a pair of spectacles. But I deliberately steered clear from any instance intended to provide comic relief. Since most people think that they can wear just about any specs provided the pair looks good on them, it’s essential I drive a bit more sense into their minds before they go for their next eye wear investment.

Metal rimmed frames get chosen a lot because people want to hide the fact they are wearing specs, they believe these wire frames are almost invisible. Glasses will either look sterile and functional or just dangle on as a fashion accessory. And with the classic exception of the branded frames, the rest of the wire rimmed glasses often seem like cheap imitations of each other. What you should always bear in mind is that spectacles need to be a lot more than just a fashion accessory.

Trip to the Ophthalmologist

Before purchasing any new set of spectacles, first go to a good doctor and get your eyes checked. Do not rely on your intuitions saying that you can see perfectly through your present set and that must not necessarily mean that your eye sight is perfectly adjusted with that particular lens. A point five fluctuation of eye power can be seriously degrading to your health. Unknowingly you might succumb your body to severe head aches. You must go to the ophthalmologist whether it is just myopia or hyperopia or something more complex like astigmatism, color blindness or worse still, a cataract. The doctor will also be able to accurately be able to tell you what type of lens you need to invest in, after getting to know about your working conditions. If you have to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, he might suggest a photo chromatic lens, or if you are into highly dangerous physical sports, he might recommend impact resistant glasses.

Hop to the Lens Maker

The wisest thing to do is to get your lenses procured from a lens maker who boasts of an enviable career record of dishing out precision instruments and whose quality control checks are unsurpassable. They might ask you a few questions regarding any special feature you might look for in the lens. Answer them to your best knowledge or make them have a word with your doctor. The lens shape finally depends on the shape of the frame and this will be assessed by the frame crafter.

Framing Your Face

Your face is the focal point of everybody’s attention and if you fail to deliver a good impression the first time they set their eyes on you, you’re surely out of luck. , keep in mind that the frames you choose make a contrast with the shape of your face. The frame and the face should not merge. It is stylish to keep the glasses and the face prominent. The difference between the face and spectacles should be noticeable. Make sure that the size of the frame is proportionate with facial features. The two should be always complimentary.