Why Glasses Make a Great Gift?

The holiday season is finally upon us; do you feel overwhelmed by the deals, steals, and offers? This is the time of year where we tend to forget the reasons behind the holidays and we focus on the gift giving… and gift getting! Yet, this season, the economy is still tanking and people are looking for gifts that have meaning and a decent price tag. No one wants to throw away their money, especially when we have bills to pay and children to feed. Blogs across the United States are showcasing cheaper ‘Do It Yourself’ -type gifts but sometimes you want to give something that isn’t homemade! What’s the one thing people put off until it’s absolutely necessary? Buying eyeglasses for themselves. Eyeglasses make for a unique gift!

Since over 60 percent of the population wears prescription glasses, giving the gift of sight should seem like a no-brainer, especially given the idea that people are less likely to buy glasses when they may need or want something else. Glasses are often seen as a luxury and not a necessity – so why not make them the perfect gift? Think about it! It’s the one thing people view as an “I’ll buy it later” item even when they need it the most!

Giving the gift of sight is one of the most positive gifts you can give. During a time of year when we should be focusing on helping others, why not give a gift that actually gives back in big waves? Eyeglasses, when bought online, can also be an inexpensive gift. A lot of sites have glasses priced very low and include basic single-vision lenses. Some of these sites also offer prescription sunglasses, which can be an added bonus to an already cool gift. There are a few ways to go about giving a pair of eyeglasses as a gift. Since not everyone is comfortable infringing on someone’s personal style, you can always give a gift certificate valued for what you would normally spend on the person. If a site offers a gift certificate as an option, there’s a good chance they offer them at a discount like paying $100 for a gift card valued at $150. To find deals like this, just scour the internet and head to your favorite search engine.

Another way to give glasses as a gift is to just buy the glasses for the person. This works better in cases where you know the person’s prescription and personal taste. If someone you know and love has been looking for a pair of glasses, it may be nice to sit with them and go over their preferred eyeglasses frames just to get an idea of what they want. This is a great gift option for college students, grad school students, and even kids!

Regardless of how you plan to give the gift, giving the gift of sight is something no one will expect but everyone will treasure. Giving eye glasses as a holiday stocking stuffer can be fast, cheap, and unique! If you’re planning on giving out prescription eyeglasses this year, make sure you have the person’s eyeglasses prescription on hand, otherwise opt for the gift card.