5 Tips for Choosing Prescription Safety Glasses

There are millions of people in the United States alone that wear prescription glasses on a daily basis. Of these millions of people a large majority of them work in fields that require them to wear protective eye equipment. For these workers there are two basic choices, they can wear goggles over their street glasses or they can get a pair of prescription safety glasses to where at work.

1- Thankfully, for those who wear prescription glasses, the choices of safety frames has gotten more mainstream in recent years. While they still tend to be larger than fashion allows, they are no longer always made from a light blue, light pink or some other “nobody wears it” color, nor are they necessarily made from plastic.

2- If you are lucky enough to work for an employer that pays for your prescription safety glasses, you may be able to choose a pair that can double as a set of emergency street glasses. Some types of frames are made with side shields that pop off, allowing you to use the glasses in your daily life without the shields impairing your peripheral vision.

3- If at all possible, when you are choosing the frames for your safety glasses, have the scratch resistant lenses used. This may cost more money initially, but will save you eye strain and money in the future. Scratched up lenses are difficult to see through and need to be replaced more quickly.

4- For those people who need to purchase their own pair of prescription safety glasses, be sure to keep your receipts. Normally, the glasses can be deducted from your taxes as an expense related to employment. Speak with your tax professional regarding this, but keep your receipts.

5- While prescription safety glasses may not be the most attractive item that you will ever purchase, they are a necessity for anyone who works in a manufacturing environment. Get all the details from your employer and make your choice of frames carefully. The safety glasses that you choose now, may need to last a while, so get the most you can from them.