Best Type of Safety Reading Glasses and Frames for Your Child

Parents tend to face a dilemma when buying their child the first set of safety reading glasses. When the parent enters the shop, he generally gets confused on what type of Protective Reading Glasses to buy for his child. The type of frame and glasses to be bought depends on the prescription by the optician and also whether the child is near sighted or farsighted. One must consider some factors while buying the perfect glasses for the kid. We have listed some useful ways to determine what frame would be good for your child.

Tips for the Perfect Safety Reading Glasses for your child

There are certain factors to be kept in mind while choosing the best frame for your kid.

First we need to decide what type of lens material we should opt for when buying the glasses. Generally, if the glass is to be subjected to wear and tear, one must go for polycarbonate lenses or referred as Trivex. These lenses are more impact resistance than normal glasses and are also scratch resistant. These lenses can also be coated with UV blockage material to be used as safety reading goggles also.

Kids are not always careful about their things and especially when it comes to glasses, this can be a problem. For this spring hinges fitted onto the sides of the frame enable the kid to easily take off and out on the frame without much care. These spring hinges used in frames enable them to bend on the outside too, this giving more flexibility to the frame. This is regarded as an added safety feature in the frame. This is recommended for very young kids who tend to be playful with their glasses and often break them.

For sports, one must keep a separate pair of safety glasses because these glasses, unlike the simple daily wear glasses, need to be properly fitted over the face so as to provide the maximum protection required during physical activity. The optician will prescribe the proper type of glasses for sports. One is advised to use polycarbonate for these glasses.

Warranties on glasses are provided these days for which opticians charge a nominal amount. This is a must in case your child is a first time glasses wearer. It is also advised that one get a warranty if the glasses of an individual are subjected to regular wear and tear. But before getting the frame, one must check all the issues within the warranty. Generally, opticians charge for the replacement of the lenses. This if not thought about earlier, might be an expensive affair.

One is always advised to have an extra pair of the same type of glassed on the side just in case something happens to the regular pair. This is advised because one might not be able to avail the warranty as soon as required. This is a problem if one is a constant user of safety reading glasses. Thus as said and explained, one should think about the above before buying your child his firsts set of glasses.

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