A Buyer’s Guide to the Perfect Safety Reading Glasses for Kids

When it comes to kids, parents always face a problem when they have to figure out their child needs for glasses. Safety reading glasses have come a long way in making safe and durable glasses for kids which not only are safe to wear but also easy to take care of. But most parents get confused when they enter an optician’s shop and see the shocking stack of children’s eyewear. The ophthalmologist prescribes the best power for your child and also depending whether the kid is near or far sighted, the doctor may recommend some type of frame for the child. To decide what type of frame your child needs, we have listed some points which might be useful.

Tips to Buy your Child the Perfect Safety Reading Glasses

First of all, we need to keep in mind whether the lens according to the prescription is going to be thin or thick. Depending on this factor, one must decide what type of frame to opt for. The reason for this, being that in the thicker the lens, the distortion towards the edges of the frame increases and thus the child will have difficulty in his vision. The optician should suggest what frame should be used for such a lens. If possible the frame should be kept as small as possible in this case.

An important thing to be kept in mind is that one must buy such a frame due which is liked by the child to make sure that they wear it regularly at school. The type of frame to be chosen should be sober and particularly “cool” as the kid would put it. One must avoid buying kids frames which are inappropriate or expensive. On should avoid buying lenses which darken when worn outdoors. The main aim is to get the kid to wear protective reading glasses in the first place, at the same time making it seem that nothing much has changed for him.

Regarding the material of the frame, one must consider the kid first. Meaning if the kid is a sensitive one, one might consider buying a good expensive delicate frame for the kid. But if the kid is more into outdoors sports and games most of the times, then we better go for plastic or fiber frames which are considered more durable. Moreover, pertaining to fashion, a kid might ask for the same frames his mom or dad wears since it makes him look more mature.

The bridge gap between the nose fittings in the frame of the safety glass eyewear is an important thing to be kept in mind, young kids have little noses which are undeveloped and might cause the frame to slip off the face. For this most of the manufacturers have made corrections and they have shortened the gap in plastic frames as well.

Cables attached to the frame are worn on the head of kid to prevent the glasses from falling off the child’s face. More often referred as cable temples, this is an effective way to keep the safety reading glass in its place. So, when buying for your child his first set of specs, be sure to keep these points in mind.

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