Advanced Features of Modern Distance Glasses

Distance glasses were originally designed to help people with myopia see distance objects. This main purpose of distance glasses has never been changed. Of course, distance eyeglasses have been added with some other features such as better look for the wearers. And with the rapid technological development in lens and glass industry, distance glasses have significantly evolved, incorporating new elements. For instance, extra benefits such as anti-glare film and gradual coloration for sun protection are available now. This newly added function is very important for wearers to be free from damaging UV rays.

Since distance eyeglasses are used mainly for vision correction, the wearers always have to wear their glasses most of the time. This is especially true for individuals with relatively a high prescription. This requirement is unlike that of reading glasses which are only needed during short time of materials reading. As for myopic patients, distance eyeglasses frequently sitting on their faces can be a considerable burden. The only solution is designing lightweight glasses, making the devices effortless on the face.

Lens technological advances have greatly contributed to the weight reduction of distance glasses. In other worlds, the meaningful feature of lightweight distance glasses mainly comes from thin lenses. Dating back to years ago, myopic folks having heavy prescriptions were forced to wear glasses equipped with thick lenses. In addition, eyeglasses in those days were usually large bulky and ugly. All these limitations on distance glasses have disappointed many people suffering serious nearsightedness.

Today, that case has forever been changed that there are a much wider and more stylish variety of frames for any degree of prescription. Those ugly, thick lenses made of glass are now replaced with lenses consisting of plastic compound. These new lens materials give rise to the lightweight property of modern eyeglass lenses. Furthermore, these light lenses can be fitted into beautiful stylish frames in any shape and size.