How Do Transition Glasses Work?

Many drivers would wear sunglasses when they are driving so as to block strong sunlight, so would they do when driving in snowy day so as to keep off glare. Sunglasses, at those times, serve as a great help for them to keep eye health and to eliminate unnecessary car accidents. However, when the cars are driven from bright places to dark places, like tunnels, sunglasses would be burden some which would bring drivers side effect to see vision forward clearly. If drivers constantly putting on and taking off sunglasses, it would be fairly inconvenient for them and be rather dangerous. Then how to liberate drivers from this trouble? Wearing transition glasses would be helpful.

Transition glasses are special eyewears which appear to be regular eyeglasses in normal circumstances, but would turn to shades when encountering strong light, like sunlight, glare and any reflection. It is amazing, right? Then you must ask how do transition glasses work? How would they exchange color accordingly?

The myth of transition glasses lies in the lenses, which are made from photochromics glass. During the production of photochromics glass, elements sensitive to light, like argentic chloride and silver halide, etc., are mixed in. A small amount of copperoxide catalyst are added as well. When silver halide, meeting with light, would have chemical decomposition, during which process, many black silver micelles would be produced and distributed evenly on the glass. As a result, the glass turn to black. When brought to dark places, with the promotion of copperoxide catalyst, silver and halogen would get chemical combined once more, as a result of which the glass return back to be transparent again. This is how the magic come from. The decomposition and chemical combination can carry through for limitless times.

The photochromics glass, besides applied in eyeglass production, are used in many other fields, for example the production of windows. Houses or cars equipped with photochromics glass need no curtains to block sunlight, for in sunny days, the windows would automatically turn black and when envenfall comes or when in cloudy days, the windows get back to transparency.

Therefore, with transition eyeglasses, life are full of miracles and fantasy. Additionally, transition glasses are able to absorb UV, which is fairly good for eyes. They can be among eye wears of top grade.