Manly Glasses Are Less Fashionable? Never

Gender is another widely used criterion to categorize eye wear, in addition to color, shapes, materials, and so on. By and large, manly glasses, feminine glasses and unisex glasses are the three main forms of eye wear and each of them are specially designed for glasses users of certain groups. For example, the manly eye wear are specially made for man, feminine glasses for women and unisex series are suitable for both. It seems, however, that the manly eyeglasses are never the focus of the manufacturers and the public, for only few elements can well fit the demands of male wearers. That sounds reasonable, but incorrect. In fact, like women, men also pay a lot of attention to what they wear and dress, but this can not be easily detected by others. This is because men are more reserved than women and are not willingly to tell what they really want and need in most cases. In this sense, manly eyeglasses should be made in styles and designs that can fit male wearer’s demands.

Usually, male eye wear are specifically made for male wearers of two major groups, namely the mature and the young.

It is true that most mature men tend to select manly glasses in simple designs and fewer colors. For example, some of the most popular series, especially those classic series, are designed in very simple styles; and some of the commonest colors are black, white, tortoise shell, brown gunmetal, etc. This may give women an impression that men do not care much about fashion. This is not true. While selecting, men tend to pay more attention to whether or not the glasses are suitable for their face shapes and skin colors; the glasses are designed in natural cut line and can give them some sort of elegance; the glasses are made from the finest materials that they desire for, especially for particular purposes; or in more cases, the glasses can work perfectly or not. In a word, mature men tend to pay more attention to the function of the eye wear and the making process, and so on- this can well explain their glamour of mature and elegance.

Like women wearers, young men are some of the most fashion-oriented people. Not only the colors, but the designs all are their considerations while selecting eyeglasses. Some of the most eye-catching colors, like pink, red, blue, green, etc, are also loved by young guys; the designs of their eye wear are trendy in the latest fashion trend. The reasons are very simple- these guys are so vigorous and creative that they require highly of what they wear (fashion and unique); these people tend to show their personal elegance and glamour by wearing specially designed glasses, so as to attract more girls. Therefore, these manly glasses are much more stylish and unique than those worn by mature men.