Advantages of Multifocal Glasses

In recent years, multifocal glasses are increasingly popular due to its practicability. Now, let me tell you some advantages about multifocal glasses.

First, the multifocal eyeglasses can delay the process of myopia. After graduating from elementary and middle schools, students begin to wear glasses as a result of abusing their eyes for a long time. Wearing glasses can easily bring strain for eyes and cause the continuous development of myopia. In view of this situation, multifocal eyeglasses for young people emerged because of demand.

Second, the multifocal glasses have a continual diopter from far to close, so they can make all visual objects at different distances achieve high-definition. Besides, they can coordinate eyes, so as to reduce visual fatigue. As progressive glasses add continual light, they are suitable for different diopter of physical image in different distances. They can play the role of assisting in adjustment, conforming to the normal physiology of eyes and delaying the development of myopia.

And, progressive-glasses wearers can obtain the desired effect through appropriate readjustment of position and maintenance of correct posture. Researches found that the newest progressive eyeglasses are extremely similar to the movement of forehead and eyes, as well as the natural visual behavior. We can achieve quite good effects by correcting the wrong sitting posture of young people. Moreover, in terms of appearance, progressive glasses are similar to the universal eyeglasses, which can easily be accepted by people. We can not the boundary of degree changes. As changes of lens degrees are progressive, glasses are comfortable for people to wear and easy to adapt to.

For people who are more than 40 years old, they basically enter the stage of presbyopia. They have to wear glasses when looking at things nearby and take off glasses when looking at things in the distance. This makes people feel rather awkward. In fact, a majority of middle-aged people and old people are bothered by the issue of presbyopia.

However, once they wear progressive multifocal eyeglass, people can see objects at each distance clearly within the visual range. A pair of glasses meets the needs of looking at objects in different distances at the same time. This is especially good news for teachers, doctors, musicians, computer operators, etc. Because they not only need to see objects near and far, but also have to see words on blackboards, music scores and other objects in the middle distance. No other lens can achieve the above goal except progressive multifocal glasses.