Information About Reading Prescription Glasses

Reading glasses are prescription eyeglasses that are used for reading purposes. The lens of the reading glass can be made from a variety of materials such as glass, plastic, polycarbonate, high index, allyl resin plastic, aspheric. Glass spectacles have a good resistance against scratches. It is suitable to be used as reading glasses. It is cheaper than plastic eyeglasses. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and can be easily shatter.

Plastic spectacle is more modern than glass spectacle. It is lighter compare to glass. Because it is light, it won’t easily slip off your nose. If you have a strong prescription, you should use plastic spectale. If you use glass lens, it may slip off the nose because of the heaviness of the lens. The plastic lens is resistant against all kinds of impact and is suitable for children. Children often jump around in the playground, causing the spectacles to be susceptible to crack.

Polycarbonate spectacle is a thin and lightweight spectacle that is resistant against impact. It is not resistance against scratches so it is necessary to add a scratch resistance coating.

High index plastic glasses is the thinnest spectacle on the market. It is resistant against the ultra violet rate. It will refract away most of the light. The cons are that it is expensive and can be easily scratched. It will shatter when it is exposed to heavy impact.

High index eyeglasses has a thinner lens compare to standard lens. Despite that, the thinness of the lens did not make it lighter. Instead, it is heavier than the standard lens. It is suitable for adults that suffer from serious eyesight problem. People with weak prescription don’t need high index lens. If you want a durable lens, you should purchase the high index plastic lens.

The frame is equally important as the lens. The frame you choose should fit your personality. The frames can be fabricated from a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, and etc. Plastic frames are much lighter compare to metal frames. For further protection, you can opt for frames that are made from polycarbonate plastic. If you want to buy a metal frame, make sure the metal composition is free from allergens so that it won’t cause side effects on your skin. Some metal frames can cause eczema to break out on the skin. Examples of hypoallergenic materials include aluminum, stainless steel and titanium.

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