All About Ray Ban Glasses and Their Designer Spectacles

Since 1937, Ray Ban glasses have been fulfilling a need by offering sun protection through stylish and instantly recognizable eye wear designs. This is the reason why Ray Ban spectacles are so popular among today’s celebrities.

The Early Days of Ray Ban Glasses

The creation of the brand was directed by the Bausch and Lomb company, after members of the United States Army Air Corps mentioned that they were suffering permanent eye damage from not wearing sunglasses during flying assignments. Bausch and Lomb set out to create patented sunglasses that were built with the needs of the Army in mind. After the style and structure was finalized, the glasses were sent to mass production and quickly adopted by Army pilots.

It is said that one of the main factors that contributed to the brand being embraced by a wider audience occurred when the well-respected World War II general Douglas MacArthur was photographed wearing the brand on a beach in the Philippines. Since then, this brand of sunglasses has been showcased in films, worn by celebrities and used faithfully by those who want reliable vision protection combined with practical construction and sleek styling.

Attributes of Ray Ban Spectacles

Although the brand was originally created to cater to the needs of Army pilots, anyone can now enjoy these popular sunglasses. They are known for sturdy workmanship and fashionable options that are appealing to both men and women, so it is easy to find something suitable for even the most discerning tastes. As you might imagine, the brand’s minimalist aviator style offerings are among the most popular, but other options characterized by edgy shapes, bold frame colors and patterns and tinted lenses are also highly desired.

All RayBan spectacles serve to block ultraviolet rays and eliminate glare. This enables wearers of RayBan glasses to feel confident that their eyes are being protected with the help of an accessory that is symbolic of effective and beautiful style.