Be Careful About Inexpensive Eyeglasses Which Would Do Harm Your Eyes

Several days ago, Mrs. Smith brought a pair of inexpensive eyeglasses with only $20 in a small local optical store, and she felt rather excited for this was the cheapest eyeglasses she had ever bought, plus it looked beautiful. However, she felt dizzy when wearing her new glasses, therefore, yesterday she decided to have it checked in a professional optical store, only finding that the glass is of 3.5 diopter which is 0.5 diopter acuter than the power of the glasses she actually needs. She couldn’t help complaining that inexpensive eyeglasses are disqualified.

Suggested by her doctor, she had to buy another pair of eyeglasses. Her doctor also told her to be careful about inexpensive eyeglasses which would do harm eyes. For wearing eyeglasses of improper power would put pressure on eyes, then wearers would always feel eye ache. For some people, especial children, improper eyewears would take their eyesights a turn for the worse. Plus, eye diseases are possible.

From Mrs. Smith’s case, it is not difficult to conclude that when buying cheap eyewear, we should pay particular attention. For one thing, find an optical retailer where professional eyeglass power check is provided, so that the possibility of wearing improper eyeglasses would reduce to a minimum. For another thing, self check is necessary. Those eyeglasses whose lens surfaces have lines, spots, bubbles and crackles, etc., are not recommended to buy, nor those are badly polished.

Nevertheless, even though it is a fact that there are inexpensive eyeglasses which are disqualified, we can not neglect all the inexpensive eyeglasses. As a matter of fact, if you keep your eyes open, you are able to find some local optical shops where you could get inexpensive eyeglasses. They reason why they are sold at lower price is not that they are badly made but the retailers know how to save cost. There are three ways:

a). Renting cheap shops. Most optical eyeglasses are located in the shopping center, whose rent is many times higher than those are off strip or on the second or third floor.
b). Simplifying way to stock eyewears. Those eyewear retailers would stock glasses directly from eyeglass factories, which eliminates the flow from manufactures to wholesalers to the retailers.
c). Reducing number of shop assistance. The supermarket model is applied in those eyewear stores. Customers can choose eyewears by the way as they do in super market.

Moreover, another way to purchase inexpensive eyeglasses is buying on the Internet. Reasons why eyewears of low prices can be found are similar to those of the local cheap eyeglass stores: low rent, simplified ways to stock goods and no expense for shop assistance.