Factors of Eyeglasses Selection

Eyeglasses nowadays come in various options of frames, lenses, coatings as well as some other aspects. The source of eyeglasses can be critical for a customer to buy right eyeglasses meeting visual needs. One group of eyeglass stores claims that they can offer eyeglasses in an hour. For sure, customers receiving this special service should pay for extra fees.

According to a survey by Consumer Reports involving 100,000 glass shoppers of one-hour glasses, only one half of them were satisfied with the high price they paid. It is true that the cost is the most commonly complaint voiced by customers who have received this special service. On the market, the number of large stores offering one-hour eyeglasses is still going up. It is expected that the satisfaction rate will continue to go down.

In fact, eyeglass customers can also save much time if they have done enough homework before entering an optical store or an eye doctor’s office. They should have necessary knowledge of lens types, coatings, edge treatments as well as other factors of eyeglasses. With the familiarity of these aspects of eyeglasses, customers can feel free to make fast consultation about eyeglasses at the store. Time saving can be achieved.

In addition to time saving, there are additional benefits if a customer knows much about eyeglasses options. Salesmen at most stores always recommend eyeglasses with special features such as UV protection. In addition, progressive or no-line bifocal lenses are also widely recommended by eyeglass stores. All these options are more costly than ordinary ones. The key point is that many people do not need these special features at all.

Cost of eyeglasses is still highly associated with other features, including various coatings. Shatter-resistant coating, anti-reflective coating and others often charge customers considerably additional fees. In some cases, the cost of a special pair of eyeglasses equipped with some extra features can be several times higher than an ordinary pair. There is a much larger gap among different types of fashion frames.