Better Vision With Glasses – Tips to Choose Glasses

Better vision can be gained by many kinds of ways. One of the ways is wearing eyeglasses. Eyeglasses can correct or improve eyesight. However, today wearing eyeglasses is not just a matter of improving vision but also a matter of expressing themselves, what they like, their style, and what they want to look like.

People can now enjoy prescription glasses that perfectly offer both the practical function of vision enhancer and the appealing aspect of over-all look optimizer. This is because of fast development in optical technology and the never-ending creativity of fashion designers

Better vision also depends on lenses. That is why it is very important how to choose lenses. The choice of lenses also varies from the regular clear-no-frills to rainbow, gradient colors, silver, gold and copper metallic mirror coating. Mirror coating is purely cosmetic. The wearer perceives no difference in vision regardless of what color the coating is.

Lenses are generally made of either glass, which is the most scratch resistant; polycarbonate, which is a durable, virtually unbreakable material and offers greater impact resistance than glass; or plastic, which is lighter than glass, has better optical quality than polycarbonate but is far behind glass lenses in the sharpness of visual perception.

Lens coatings enhance the performance and appearance of lenses. You should get lenses with a scratch-resistance coating to protect the surface and thus make the lenses last longer. It is best to get an ultraviolet treatment and anti reflective coating as well.

Another important thing is to find eyeglasses or sunglasses shapes that perfectly complement your face shape and match your personal style. Below are just a few tips you need to know. People with a round face may be better off trying rectangular frames to lengthen their face. A square face with a strong jawline and a broad forehead may benefit from narrow frames to help soften the angles.

A triangular face with narrow forehead and wide cheeks and chin are best advised to wear bold colored frames that have more detail on the top half, or cat-eye frames. Those with oval faces can smile wider because, with their faces already in balanced proportion, they can look good in almost any style of frame.

You should also consider the type of activities you are involved in and your personal character. Many creative people, for example, go for more modern shapes like geometric lenses in colorful, thick plastic frames, while conservative business people opt for a more simple style with a sleek frame made of light metal or plastic.

If you prefer to own only one pair of glasses, avoid trendy frames and pick a classic style instead so that you will look forever chic. No one should be labeled a fashion victim just because he or she wears unique, gigantic, colorful eyeglasses.

In conclusion, better vision is also a matter of how wise you are in selecting glasses. Your glasses should fit the need of your eyes and fashion if possible.