What Effects Do Contact Lenses and Glasses Have on Your Vision?

A lot of people now are starting to question whether glasses and contact lenses are right for them. The reason being that more and more research is showing two things – 1. A large majority of people can actually improve their vision naturally and 2. The overwhelming majority of the population who opt for glasses and contact lenses witness a slow degeneration in their eyesight over the following years that pass.

This article briefly looks at why contact lenses can actually damage your eyesight and why you should consider looking at natural methods for vision correction.

Here’s what’s really happening when you wear Glasses

A lot of studies have proven that glasses can have a big effect on your vision and that your eyes will try to adapt to the stresses that are put under it.

For example, one of the studies involved giving normal sighted animals a negative lens for a period of time. The results were conclusive – every single subject in the experiment ended up myopic, in other words they became short sighted even though they could see beforehand.

There have been a huge number of studies similar to the above to prove that glasses and other lens refraction devices have more permanent consequences than most people realise. It happens to humans too. If a child is diagnosed as myopic and is prescribed glasses to alleviate the symptoms, then over time the child’s vision deteriorates as the lens prescription strengthens. This can happen for a number of years until the eyesight of the child is much worse that when it was originally.

All of the above is due to the fact that mainstream treatments for long and short-sightedness don’t tackle the root of the problem but aim to simply cover over the symptoms for a fast resolution. Just like in most cases, if you only cover the symptoms of a problem and not the problem itself, then it has no reason to go away. This is the same for many different areas in modern day healthcare. We are all too happy to throw drugs and man-made devices at a problem that should be treated naturally.

Natural Vision Correction

William Bates was the sole perpetrator of a series of exercises that were aimed at treating long sightedness, short sightedness and a wide variety of other vision problems naturally. Since his death, over 75 years ago, his work has been continued in a number of different guises and the results are quite staggering, especially as they haven’t been brought into the mainstream.

Of course, bringing such natural treatments into the mainstream would hit the multi billion pound glasses, contact lenses and laser vision industry where it hurts which could be the reason for its slow uptake.

People are now starting to realise that perhaps there are other ways of treating all sorts of health problems and eyesight is certainly one of those areas. I expect to see a large uptake in natural vision correction programs over the next 10 years as the rug is pulled out from the eye care industry.

It has already happened in skin care, with large pharmaceuticals such as Roche feeling the pressure and forced to withdraw their controversial Roaccutane product which was simply a symptom cover up with no thought about attacking the root cause of acne.

My advice to you, if you think you are developing some kind of vision problem or are starting to see things slightly blurry. Take a look at the work of William Bates and use his methods to treat your eyesight from home before you rush into more modern man-made eyesight correction such as glasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery.

Where Can I learn how to Improve My Eyesight Naturally?

There’s quite a lot of rubbish on the net with regards to eye training so you need to be careful which you choose to invest in. I always recommend the natural vision improvement guide called Vision Without Glasses for its step by step instructions and notably high success rate. Click www.Cheapglasses123.com to learn more about Vision Without Glasses.