Bifocal Safety Reading Glasses: Specifications and Uses

Many people suffer from both nearsightedness and farsightedness at the same time. Thus safety reading glasses would serve as only part of the solution to this problem. Bifocal safety reading eyewear is an effective and a very practical way of correcting both the vision problems through the use of only one frame. Generally, we might have observed that people with old age suffer from nearsightedness and thus require a separate set of glasses from their regular ones. One would like to keep just one pair for both the uses and thus eliminate care taking of two sets of frames. Bifocal reading eyewear is a solution to such a problem.

Advantages of Bifocal Safety Reading Glasses

One needs reading glasses when one realizes that he needs to stretch his hands to read a newspaper or a book. There are many fashionable yet elegant frames available in the market these days which offer a massive choice to the buyer about which frame to buy. But these factors do not eliminate the main objective at site. We can never decide on which type of glass to wear and what time we require wearing them. For this, a simple yet useful solution has been made through bifocal glasses. One can always know the importance of wearing the proper glasses at the right time. What’s important is that how to switch if the need of the other rises up suddenly.

The bifocal glasses that we speak about here are basically a mix of farsighted and nearsighted glasses used for correction. People with both the mentioned defects can really benefit from this idea. Generally, the lower portion of the lenses are kept so that they help in reading and the top part for un-prescribed or correction lenses for far vision. The main thing about these glasses is that they give about 1 degree of reading aid and the top part corrects for uncorrected vision. The reading power of these glasses is generally between +1 to +2 which helps elevate the reading surface nearer to the eyes.

You know you need reading glasses when you start making your eyes squint to read every word. There are two types of safety reading glasses available. One of them is the simple full cover and the other type is the Benjamin Franklin type, on the nose type. For people who generally engage in working with objects close to their eyes must go for the full cover ones since they have to employ them most of the time. Generally people who get glasses in the later age only tend to get farsightedness because they would seldom have a problem of nearsightedness in the later ages. When one has both the mentioned problems, one should go for the Franklin Glasses on account that it rests on the nose to view nearer objects and when put up straight, help to correct far vision. Thus, by mentioning and explaining the types and uses of both types of glasses, one must now know what type of bifocal safety reading glasses one must choose for his/her use.

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