Compact and Folding Reading Glasses – Easy to Carry, Easy to Read

Reading glasses, as their name would suggest, aid you in reading or performing close by jobs, when you regularly start to feel a strain in doing so. When you need to hold a book at arms length to be able to read it comfortably or when working on a computer for long hours gives you a headache, it may be time to get yourself a pair of reading glasses.

How Do Reading Glasses Help?

When you have trouble focusing on nearby objects, your eye doctor may prescribe reading glasses for you. You may be required to wear them when you are reading, writing or performing any task that involves close by objects, like writing, working on a computer or even, needlework. Reading glasses come in two types – full frames or half-frames. Reading glasses with full frames are usually suitable for those who have to work for long hours on close by objects. However, if they need to look at anything a little far away, the object will appear blurred.

To rectify this shortcoming, you have the half-frames or half-eyes, as they are affectionately called. These frames sit lower down on your nose making it convenient for you to do whatever job you had on hand. If you need to see something in the distance, you just need to look over the frame and you could see far-away objects also very clearly.

However, they could be a nuisance to pull out and wear on occasions such as, an evening at a restaurant or a movie when all you want to do is take a quick glance at the menu or ticket. Not to mention, the sense of embarrassment and awkwardness, which many feel at such times.

Compact and Folding Reading Glasses to the Rescue

Compact and Folding Reading Glasses have brought in a mini revolution to the market. There are now a variety of these glasses meant for temporary use. There are tiny, foldable readers with telescopic temples that fit in cases that are merely pen-sized. These can fit in your purse, briefcase, even in your shirt pocket. Most come in specially designed, colorful hard-sided cases for providing complete protection as well as for a sense of style.

Small in size but made from high quality metals and zyls, these reading glasses offer style and functionality in a big way. You can also find compact magnifying lenses that come in the size of credit cards but which are provided with a tough polymer-coated acrylic frame to withstand wear and tear. These lenses can fit inside a small wallet or hooked in a key chain. Some come in as fancy pendants that you could swing around your neck.

Most of these compact reading glasses now also come in a variety of designs, textures and colors. With such variety, you are bound to find a reading glass that suits you and the purpose for which you require reading glasses.

Far from making them feel awkward or embarrassed, these reading glasses now allows one to make a unique style statement with their choice of compact and folding reading glasses.