Black Contact Lenses – Have People Take Notice of Your Eyes

Human irises usually are colorized. The exceptions are individuals possessing the rare condition Aniridia, in which the iris is not visible resulting in a ‘black eye’ appearance. This condition might make those afflicted feel self-conscious, yet oddly enough there are actually people that want to achieve this look. Individuals who do not have Aniridia can achieve black eyes through black contact lenses.

What are black contact lenses? Black contact lenses are a special type of theatrical contact lens that are extremely dark in color.

The first types of black contacts are those designed to cover just the iris. Some of these types of contacts are designed to still allow the pupil to show; others are so dark that both the pupil and the iris are either hidden or extremely hard to see. The latter makes the eye look like a large pupil within a normal-looking sclera.

Vision-wise, these types of contact lenses will vary. Some offer corrective vision, just like normal contact lenses. Others are plano which means they are meant for decorative purposes only. Then there are the lenses that actually blind the eye while they are in use.

The second types of black contacts are those that cover the iris, the pupil and the sclera. These are known as sclera lenses. Since they have to cover most of the eye, they tend to be much larger than contacts that cover just the iris. The appearance achieved is similar to that of some cartoon characters… an eye that is 100% black. In terms of vision, sclera black contacts tend to be plano or blinding.

If one wants to create the most dramatic effect, sclera black contacts are a better choice over those that cover just the iris. This is because it is possible to not notice iris-covering black contacts, at least if a person is not looking closely at a person’s face. Sclera black contacts, on the other hand, are noticeable at virtually any distance because eyes that are completely black do not exist in human beings. People with such eyes are sure to stand out in any crowd.

The two types of black contact lenses available are those that cover just the iris and those that cover the iris, pupil and sclera. Iris-covering black contact lenses can be corrective, plano or blinding while sclera black contact lenses are usually plano or blinding. Sclera black contact lenses are the recommended choice if one wants to create the most dramatic effect, yet it is important to note that not everyone will like these types of lenses. They are bigger, harder to insert and slightly more uncomfortable than iris-covering black contact lenses and they can only be worn for four or five hours. These disadvantages will make the iris-covering black contact lenses the number one choice for many people. Regardless, both types of black contact lenses are sure to add ghoulish pizzazz to any Halloween costume.