Types of Contact Lenses

People looking for contact lenses will welcome the various options available at their disposal today. This luxury surely was not available a couple of decades back. The perfect type of power lens depends upon the person’s vision, their expectations, their requirements and their budget. However, this article will illustrate the types of power lenses used today in order to better assist people in making the right choice for their eye sight.

Disposable Contact Lenses – For Special Events:

Disposable contact-lenses are very popular among those people who prefer to not use eye glasses when attending special events and celebrations. They may use eye glasses at work, but for big occasions they prefer to be seen without them and disposable contact lenses work perfectly for them.

Bi-weekly Disposable Contact Lenses – Readily Available:

For some people simply wearing lenses for a day or so is not enough. Individuals who would like to continuously wear contact lenses for longer periods of time should consider bi-weekly disposable power lenses. There are numerous branded companies who specialize in such lenses and they are readily available everywhere.

Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses – For More Avid Users:

Again, these contact lenses are for those individuals who want to wear them full time. These power lenses are valid for one month and can be worn around the clock. This gives people plenty of flexibility to utilize them as they wish.

Colored Contact Lenses – The Main Attraction:

Colored contact-lenses are by far the most popular type and the main reason why people are attracted to power lenses. People who like to venture out in style find colored contacts ideal for them. The ability to change the color of the eye at will has essentially made power lenses the booming industry it is today. What’s even better is that this change is quick and doesn’t require any painful surgery or medication.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses – For Full Time Users:

Extended wear contact lenses are for those people who want to wear power lenses around the clock and are simply not keen on prescription eye glasses. These are of two kinds, for daily use and for extended wear. The power lenses for daily wear must be taken off before sleep and the ones for extended wear are designed so that people can even sleep with them on. This way they do not have to put them on every morning and can go about their daily routine right away.

Gas Permeable – For Astigmatism Patients:

Also pronounced as GP lenses these are used to treat eye astigmatism. They are designed to fit the eye in a way as to give its surface a spherical shape thereby providing clear and stable astigmatic correction. These power lenses are also very durable. One pair can potentially last for several years.

Orthokeratology Lenses – Another Viable Option for Astigmatism:

This is a very unique strategy for astigmatism correction. These lenses are specifically designed to be worn while sleeping in order to mold and reshape the cornea by gently pushing on the irregular areas of the eye. This in turn enables the person to see clearly in the day without using any contacts. These are perfect for those who suffer from light or mild astigmatism.

With so many options available, it all comes down to the individual as to how they want to utilize power lenses in their daily life. Thank to the vast advancement in the field of optics, contact lenses can now offer competent solutions for anyone and everyone.