Brands of Designer Spectacles

While local stores have limited options of designer spectacles, the Internet is always the best source to search appropriate products of a specific brand. In the eyeglass market, both ordinary eyeglasses and branded ones come in countless options belonging to different styles. Most eyewear users would think that non-branded eyeglasses have an amount that is higher than that of designer spectacles. This is probably true because designer glasses are to some extent unaffordable for the ordinary population. A pair of designer eyeglasses can cost several hundred dollars or even more than one thousand. While the majority of individuals have to choose regular spectacles, the market of designer spectacles is expanding in recently years. This effect is greatly contributed by the reviving economies such as China and India, where the rich groups are enlarging.

There are worldwide many brands of designer eyeglasses. Of course, they have different degrees of popularity and influence. On the Internet, it is easy for any customer to find most of the available brands, such as Adidas, Bolle, Carrera, Diesel, Gucci, Nike, Persol, Vistana, Ray Ban, and Versace and so on. In fact, the brands listed here only account for a small portion of the amount. According to, there are more than one hundred different brands only in the field of designer sunglasses. But as mentioned before, some of them are less well-known. For instance, brands including Adidas and Nike are more famous for their sports products such as shoes and cloths. Few people know they also produce designer spectacles. On the other hand, some brands exclusively provide eyewear products. The most famous ones contain Ray Ban, Gucci, Versace, Flexon, and Oakley etc. In addition, these exclusive eyeglass manufacturers usually cover different areas, including regular eyeglasses, prescription glasses and sunglasses.

In fact, those reputable brands are being operated by international corporations. They usually have branches in several continents. Furthermore, those companies often boast a long history of making eyewear products. All these advantages enable them to do business worldwide. Taking Ray Ban designer spectacles for an illustration, this brand was first developed by Bausch & Lomb in 1937 and then been sold to an Italian company named Luxottica Group in 1999. Currently, the Ray Ban Aviator is one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in the world. Until now, this brand has gained its stable status of being an influential international brand.