Tips On Choosing Spectacles

For many of us without perfect eyesight, spectacle is one option to correct it. Today, we are lucky enough to have a large variety of designer brands of eyewear (e.g. Armani, Dior, Prada, Mont Blanc and Epitome) we can choose from.

Why people choose spectacles? Firstly, contact lens, the other alternative, creates many headlines of cornea infections in the bad press. Secondly, people whose degree is still not stabilized are not advisable to go for any other Lasik surgeries. Lastly, spectacles are cheap and durable.

There are so many designs, brands and colours of spectacles in just one small spectacle shop itself and even so, there are so many different shops around the area and the next question prompts: How to choose? After all, you will most probably be stuck with it for a next year or two and just because you do not take your time to choose them, you end up being the ugliest or the weirdest person in your office.

Here are some advices from the author:

1. Select frames that are wider than they are deep, as these will make the face look longest and thinner. They emphasis the lines and shape of your face which set you apart from the crowd.

2. Your face shape. Determine whether your face is round, square, oval or heart.

a. For round shape, choose angular frames. Cats eyes lenses with rounded ends (not pointed) are the most flattering. This will visually slim your cheek bones.

b. For square face, choose wide glasses which will focus the attention on the corner of the eye.

c. For oval face, choose frames with strong horizontal lines to make your face look shorter.

d. For heart shaped face, Oval frames which are wide across temples are the best to choose from.

e. For people who has a confused face (e.g. square and oval face), the only way to choose is to try them on. It might take you a trip to 3-4 shops and 3-4 hours to find the perfect pair but it is totally worth it.