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The invention of contact lens lies deep past in the history; it is believed that the first contact lens was discovered around the end of the 18th century. The lens made at that time was unsuitable for common people’s use, as there were many flaws in the lenses. Slowly, with the advancement of technology the contact lenses got modified and were made to use for common people. The modern contact lenses were discovered few years back and now they are used at large extent all over the world. Contact lenses were often considered as replacement of the glass spectacles; but there are certain disadvantages due to which the contacts cannot be regarded as such. Both the contact lens and the eye glasses provide exact protection to the human eyes; but both share some advantages over each other. However, very few people keep in mind the disadvantages of the contacts as they are better than the eye glasses in almost all aspects. Maximum numbers of spectacle users have shifted to the contact lenses in the past few years, because of the excellent facilities provided by the lenses.

The only disadvantage that the contact lenses have got is its cleaning and disinfecting. This takes a lot of time and patience. A contact lens is cleaned and disinfected using the solution provided with it. This solution is prepared solely for cleaning the lenses. Before going to bed, people should remove the lens from the eyes and keep it soaked in the solution for the whole night. Then, before using it again, it should be rubbed with a clean piece of grease free cloth gently and cleaned. Contact lenses are very elegant; a little scratch can damage a contact lens permanently. People must take immense care of the lenses while cleaning it. Some people normal tap water for cleaning the lens, which is not at all advisable. Tap water contains certain impurities, minerals and microorganisms, which can cause serious eye infections. But, people using glass spectacles do not have to face this. Simple rubbing with a clean piece of cloth can clean the glass of the spectacle.

Apart from this, the lenses are better than the glass spectacles in every other aspect. Lenses are easier to use and can be used by anyone. Even the infants can use a contact lens, if its parents take the responsibility of replacing and cleaning the lens. Besides, these lenses are very thin and light; people do not even feel anything while wearing a contact lens. People who have to give immense physical labor at their work sites can use a contact lens easily. Moreover, the contacts provide immense facilities for fashion purposes. If you want to buy contact lenses for the protection of your eyes, then do not waste a single moment. Consult an eye specialist and get your lens as soon as possible. However, when you buy a contact lens, always go for the lenses provided by the world class lens manufacturers. They provide the best lenses and the lens cleaning solution with it.

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