Designs and Styles of Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween is a fun time of year when you dress up and try to scare or surprise friends and family with your costume. One great way to do this is with Halloween contact lenses that give your eyes a scary, crazy, wild or gothic appearance. With a pair of these contacts you can give any costume that extra surprise effect you are looking for. Each pair of these theatrical lenses lends their own special FX to your eyes. For instance a leprechaun might wear a pair of novelty shamrock lenses. Other forms of these contacts might be horror lenses, vampire lenses and glow in the dark lenses which are types of lenses that only cover the iris of the eye.

Another type of contact lenses that lend their eerie effects is black sclera lenses and Riddick lenses. Black sclera lenses are lenses that cover the entire eye, whites and all. They leave only a small amount of white or pink in the corners of the eyes and usually come in black but you can also purchase sclera in other colors as well. Riddick contact lenses are mirrored contacts that actually protect your eyes from the damaging UV rays of the sun. These lenses only cover the iris or colored part of the eye.

Other designs of contact lenses are fun and wacky lenses like flowers or flags. These are not horror lenses but more for the surprise you get from friends and family. They don’t give the special effects that other forms of contacts do but they are a novel way to surprise everyone. They can be fun to wear for pool parties in the summer or even a Halloween party. Halloween contact lenses come in various styles, designs and colors for all costumes. They can be found at various online retailers like Lensmart as well as from reputable novelty shops and eye care professionals.

In the horror department of contact lenses we have the vampire, gothic and scary lenses. These are the ones that give your costumes a creepy effect and can sometimes appear wild. Vampire lenses come in green, red and blue colors. These can be purchased in prescription strength but are generally non-prescription lenses. Gothic lenses are either black out lenses or white out lenses. This means your iris is either covered with a black lens or white one.

Caring for your theatrical or novelty contacts should be done in the same manner as you would care for prescription lenses. There is no difference in the care needed for special effects, wild, crazy or wacky lenses as there are for the glow in the dark lenses. They must be kept moist so that they continue to give your special FX that you purchased them for, for an extended amount of time. You can get more details on the styles and designs of the most popular contact lenses available online at Lensmart. They are one of the leading online retailers that offer you variety, quality and price all wrapped into one.