Invoke Horror and Fear With Novelty Contact Lenses

This Halloween, when you are getting dressed for that costume party, why not consider buying a pair of novelty contact lenses to complete your costume? These fun and wacky accessories can really bring out the horror in your costume. These can be scary, wild, glow in the dark or vampire style contacts and can help add that element of surprise when others look you in the eye. As a cosmetic lens, novelty contact lenses provide you with all of the coverage of a contact without the corrective prescription. Although most reputable retailers will not sell contacts without a prescription, these are not corrective lenses.

Lensmart is an online retailer who provides a large array of theatrical and special FX contact lenses. At one time these were only sold to theatrical and production companies for the purpose of plays or movies. Retailers like Lensmart now offer them to the public in novelty shops as well as online and at local eye care specialists. Assessment of your eyes must be done by a professional in order to ensure your eyes are healthy enough to wear these occasional use lenses. There are many uses for these novelty contacts including raves, band special effects and of course Halloween.

In 2000 and 2004 Vin Diesel starred as Riddick, a convict who has supernatural powers of night vision. These powers were emphasized with mirrored contact lens. These are called Riddick contact lenses and are available in black or silver. Both are coated with a mirrored material that actually reflects others images when they look into your eyes. Some may find them scary or even wild but there is an advantage to wearing them. These mirrored lenses actually protect your eyes from the suns UV rays.

Sclera contact lenses are contacts that cover the entire surface of the eye. Black sclera lenses turn your entire eye black and white sclera lenses turn your eyes white. They are also known as black out and white out lenses. These lenses are great for vampire costumes, gothic costumes and for bands to wear as a special FX lens. Gothic lenses are black and white so these fit right into the gothic category. Many wear them strictly to have fun with their friends and family in order to induce scares or shock from them.

There are many different styles of cosmetic contact lens including horror, crazy and sclera but the most popular for teens is glow in the dark lenses. These can be purchased in different colors and are covered in an illuminated material that when placed under a black light literally glows. These lenses are usually worn to raves where black lights are used for illumination. They are no like the black sclera lens that covers the entire eye, they only cover the iris or colored part of the eye. This gives your eyes a wacky or crazy appearance. Regardless of the special effects you are looking for, you are sure to find them with cosmetic contact lenses that are readily available from various retailers.