Extended Wear Contact Lenses – Some Benefits

Extended wear contact lenses have many advantages over daily contact lenses as they can be safely left in for long periods including overnight. They need to be cleaned much less often than other types of lenses which need to be cleaned every day. They are also very safe to use, even for these extended periods and will not dry out or cause any damage to the eyes. However you should still see your optometrist regularly to ensure that your eyes are healthy.

Benefits of Extended Wear Contact Lenses

One of the biggest benefits with these type of lenses is their comfort. Most people find them extremely easy to insert and cannot feel them at all once placed in the eyes. Occasionally some discomfort can occur but this usually arises because they are not placed correctly or they have been torn. These types of lenses are widely acknowledged as being the most comfortable of all types lenses.

For those with very poor eyesight who find getting to the bathroom without glasses or wearing lenses difficult, extended wear contact lenses are ideal. No more waking in the morning and fumbling for glasses to go to the bathroom to insert your contact lenses! With these lenses you can sleep in them and have perfect eyesight as soon as you wake in the morning.

Buying Extended Wear Contact Lenses

These types of lenses are very affordable but you might find even better deals by shopping around and comparing prices from different manufacturers. Buying online, using a prescription from your optometrist, is a good idea as there are frequently good deals to be found that are not available in your local high street. You can often find money off coupons by doing a quick internet search and it’s much easier to compare prices than at local retail stores.

Before you shop online however you will need to consult your optometrist to find out exactly which types of lenses are most suitable for you and, if you are new to wearing lenses, you will be shown the correct way to insert them and take care of them properly.


For most people extended wear contact lenses are often the best choice as they are comfortable and easy to look after. They can be inserted and left in for long periods so are much easier to manage and you will have perfect eyesight at all times.

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