Camouflage Sunglasses – The Latest Trendsetters

Camouflage sunglasses are one of the latest innovations that have come out of the fertile imagination of sunglasses manufacturers. These types of sunglasses are particularly good for military purposes and more specifically, for sports. The single most important part that these types of sunglasses play aside from protection of your eyes from harmful UV rays is that users will be able to blend in with their environment to preclude detection. This is precisely why they are called camouflage sunglasses.

Selecting the right type of camouflage sunglasses will depend on the type of need that you would use it for. If it is for military use, well, that would be no problem because military camouflage is standard in color and all that you have to do is tell the store assistant that you want sunglasses for military camouflage. For this purpose, you get sunglasses with yellow tinted glasses and frames that look somewhat like foliage.

However, if you use camo sunglasses for sports, then that would be another matter. If hunting is your sports, it would be very appropriate for you to select camouflage sunglasses with green colors to blend in with the vegetation. Camo sunglasses come in a wide variety of tints to facilitate good vision. For instance, yellow tints increase contrast and allow greater visibility in areas filled with humps and bumps.

It would be an entirely different matter if you hunt on rocky and sandy areas. If you hunt in this kind of environment, then you would do well to choose a rocky colored camouflage sunglasses like light brown or rusty brown. With a light brown colored hat, overalls, boots and a light gray colored camouflaged sunglasses, it would surely be hard for your prey to detect you are not part of the rocky terrain.

If your sport is fishing, you have to choose colors associated with water such as light blue or aqua marine colors for your camouflaged sunglasses. These aqua marine colored camouflaged sunglasses will be a great help in making sure you catch a load of big fish.

But, if you thought that camouflage sunglasses are only for the sportsy or military minded folks, think again. These days, you can see many celebrities dressing like soldiers. In fact, the rough and tough look is something of a trend with Hollywood stars appearing in flight jackets, combat boots and cargo pants. Of course, this look is nowhere near complete without the perfect pair of camouflage sunglasses. If Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake can do it, why not you?