Choices in Rimless Reading Glasses

Rimless reading glasses are a stylish option for those who find that smaller print is becoming very difficult to read. Most people will begin to experience this problem when they hit middle age, although it can strike at anytime. Because of this, it is generally a good idea to find a lightweight option that can fit your face shape, such that rimless glasses can provide.

Don’t settle for straining you eyes to read small print either. What many people don’t realize is that this leads to further eye damage. Instead, you should be comfortable taking out the pair of reading glasses you have and use them to read any object you cannot see comfortably.

The shape of your face will be essential to matching you with the best frame. For example, women with square faces will want to find a round frame as they appear feminine. In turn, a man who has a square face should pick out a frame that offers cut edges.

Of course, there is also the oval face that can fit any frame style as well. Just keep in mind that when you are looking through frames, you should try to keep them just a bit wider than your cheeks to look their best.

One option available is the Bellagio 515. It offers Aspheric Polycarbonate lenses that are resistant to scratches. With a metal frame, it offers a sophisticated look while it remains practical.

Another selection that might interest an individual is the Blink 1037. This option comes with a stainless steel frame that makes it durable, along with a set of spring hinges that help keep it firmly in place on the wearers face. This frame is designed to be worn on small to medium size faces.

Natacha 1806 is a square framed pair of glasses. These come with the scratch resistant lenses and are designed for medium size faces. They are designed as a semi rimless option and are designed with quality metal.

Those who are looking for a more basic option might consider the serendipity lenses. These are semi rimless and offer a twisted temple look. They offer the standard need of rimless glasses, while giving a more designed look. In addition, they come with a zippered bag to make travel with them slightly easier.

The Kashiyama 157 offers another option designed for square faces. This pair offers a light and comfortable fit, while remaining durable with the metal frame. The ears will benefit from the soft plastic that is used to keep the glasses on your face. This makes this a sensible solution for most women looking for these glasses.

Keep in mind there are a variety of other options that are available. In addition to style, keep in mind that your own comfort will be just as important, since you might spend long periods of time with these glasses on your face.