Half Frame Reading Glasses Vs Full Frame

If you’re like me, you may have discovered that reading, writing, and other close up tasks are getting harder and harder. Why? Simply because my eyesight has changed and I need a slight magnification to see clearly. Is this the case for you too? Well, if so, consider getting a pair of reading glasses.

Reading glasses are no longer a thing of the past that grandmothers wear. You can get stylish, colorful, fun, funky glasses that will meet your reading needs. One of the biggest questions about when to use full frame reading glasses and when to use half frame. My answer is: it depends on what you’re using them for!

I work a desk job and I’m on a computer most of the day. Full frame glasses are perfect for this type of situation. They provide a larger space of magnification so that everything in my direct line of vision is clearer. I can read the computer screen, type messages, and organize my papers with ease. Full frame reading glasses come in a wide assortment of shapes, colors and patterns. You can do a thick, boxy frame in a fun color if you’re feeling fashion forward. For a more classic look, metal frames or rimless frames are easy to find as well. Have fun with it and find a pair that fit your personal style.

Half frames are the best option for somebody who only does occasional close up work. The reason for this is because half frames are exactly half the size of normal ones, meaning that you can look over the top of the lens if you need to see into the distance without removing the frames. Then, if something is close up and needs magnification, you simply cast your eyes downward to look through the lenses. Much like full frame reading glasses, there are a multitude of styles and options for how to wear half frame glasses. Think about your style and what you like, and there will be a pair out there for you.