Choose Prescription Eyeglasses After Careful Thought and Consideration

There was a time when people had to be forced to wear eyeglasses. Today, the shoe is on the other foot and people are clamoring to get their own pair of eyeglasses. The huge demand is partly due to the innovative styles and designs being offered.

Contact lenses and corrective surgery are better when it comes to curing vision disorders. However, eyeglasses are still being preferred by people. Today, eyeglasses have been reinvented as style icons.

Some of the well known designer brands in eyewear include:

o Marc Jacobs
o Calvin Klein
o Jones New York

The fresh and vibrant ideas available today have made eyeglasses very popular among the youngsters. Today, people are not satisfied by owing just a single pair of eyeglasses. They want to own more and more.

Eyeglass Frames Spoil You For Choices

In the past, eyeglasses were made of metals only. However, newer and better materials are being used in the frames of eyeglasses. Today, plastic is the preferred material to manufacture eyeglass frames. Some manufacturers prefer high quality metals as well.

Manufacturers are offering safety glasses as well. These glasses are hardened by extra tough plastic frames. The preferred material is polycarbonate plastic frames.

The health factor is often ignored when it comes to choosing eyeglasses. Some people may be allergic to some metals and the use of such metals in the frames can lead to skin allergies. If you are one such person, you should opt for titanium or stainless steel frames.

Apart from using newer and better materials, manufacturers have come up with novel designs as well. Today, there are eyeglasses which can be snapped into place or can be fixed using screws.

You can buy multiple frames a single pair of lenses. You can easily fix the lens into different frames as and when required. You can have different eyeglasses for different occasions and yet retain the same lens.

Today, eyeglasses have been reinforced using spring hinges. These hinges ensure that the spec fit your face well and never become loose.

The makers have made changes to the nose pad as well. The nose pad is that part of the eyeglasses which rests on the nose. Silicone nose pads are used to provide maximum comfort to the wearer. The lightweight and soft pads prevent slippage as well.

Which Eyeglass Style Do You Prefer?

The resurgence of eyeglasses can be attributed to the entry of famous fashion houses in the market. New designs and styles are being offered and the eyeglass has been accorded the status of a fashion accessory. People have different pairs to be worn with matching wardrobes.

If you want your eyeglasses to be truly outrageous, you can opt for features like:

o Multi colored inlays
o Inset of precious stones
o Rimless frames
o Tinted eyeglasses
o Colored frames. You can opt for colors like pink, red, green etc

The fashion houses come up with new ideas and new product lines on a regular basis. If you have not found a pair which you like, you can always wait for the next wave of innovation to begin.