How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Eyeglasses

Today, with so many eyeglasses choices available to us, it can be difficult to know what eyeglasses frames and styles are best for each and every person. So, when purchasing your eyeglasses frames you will want to find something that complements your face shape, lifestyle and personality especially if you’re going to be wearing your eyeglasses on a daily basis.

3 really important rules you have to remember when going to buy eyeglasses:

1 – Your eyeglasses frames should contrast with your face shape –

Oval faces can support any type of frame.
Long, thin face will seem wider and shorter with larger frames in round or triangular shapes, or wide, rectangular shape. Frames that have color, width or embellishment near the sides will also broaden your face.
Try round frames made of thin metal to soften the look of a square face.
For a round faces avoid round frames, which make the face look larger; wear boxy or rectangular ones instead. Dark frames can weigh down your face, making it appear heavier.
For a heart-shaped face choose frames that are wider at the bottom than at the top.
Flatter a diamond-shaped face by wearing small frames in geometric or oval shapes to minimize the horizontal distance between your temples.

2 – Your eyeglasses frame size should be in scale with your face size –

Stick with small eyeglasses frames if you have a small head.
Make sure your glasses aren’t any wider than the widest part of your face.
Select large frames that fit comfortably if you have a large head.
Avoid glasses that appear to squeeze your face.

3 – Your eyeglasses should repeat your best feature. A good example would be blue eyes with blue frames.

You will want to select eye wear frames that suit your personality and lifestyle according to what you use your eyeglasses for and what kind of activities do you participate in. It is usually a good idea to own more than one pair of eyeglasses, just as you own clothing for different events and activities you can have eye wear to complement what you are doing.

Another REALLY important thing when purchasing eyeglasses is choosing the color of it. Should you want to find out why check out “The Importance of Color in Eyeglasses” on
Accessories, and especially eyeglasses, are one of the most important fashion trends, and with the wonderful variety we have it’s a good idea to try interesting styles, shapes and colors. Have fun with your selection, choosing bright colors, larger styles, unique shapes and dynamic details.

Without a doubt, there is something to please everyone!