Great Eyeglasses For Basketball Especially

How would basketball eyeglasses come into being?

Have you ever seen any basketball player whose eyes get badly mutilated for the violent body movement? Or have you ever had such an experience? If you have, you must know it is rather cruel. The sufferer not only have to suffer a sharp pain but at the same time may have a possible future that eyes get damaged. Then how would we protect our precious eyes when we participate in strenuous activities? To wear basketball eyeglasses, which are especially designed for basketball players.

What are the features of basketball eyeglasses?

The frame of this great eyeglasses is all-in-one style. The materials applied are of high impact strength, which rightly meet with the requirement of sports like basketball. What’s more, they are ametabolic, so that they are able to protect the wearers’ eyes and noses best. The air hole on the flanks enhance the comfort of the great eyeglasses. On the other hand, the nose pads, made from silica gel, are unique, soft, elastic and anti-allergic. The nose pads effectively cut off the touch of eyeglasses and faces, and meanwhile greatly reduce the impact from outside. With the double protection, basketball players would spur on on the playground.

What damage to eyes would be brought by unprofessional eyeglasses?

Traditional eyeglasses, compared with the great eyeglasses for basketball especially, except providing eye correction, actually pose as a great threat to eyes, for they are easy to get broken. Both the fragments of eyeglasses and the fractured frame legs could hurt eyes. Possible hurt to eyes may result in cornea scratches, inflamed iris, congestion in eye balls, retina tumefaction, traumatic cataract and so on.

As a matter of fact, in many strenuous activities, like football, volleyball, tennis ball, and rock climbing, etc., eyes are in hazard. Basketball eyeglasses should come in handy, for any small mistakes, and unintentional impact would contribute to permanent injury to our cherished eyes.

Basketball eyeglasses can be basketball prescription eyeglasses, which are for myopia people. When going to an optometrist, make sure to find a professional one, for on one hand, the great eyeglasses you finally get are more guaranteed to be well qualified, which can better protect your eyes; on the other hand, the prescription you get would be more acute and the power of your eyeglass lenses would not make you dizzy.