Titanium Rimless Eyeglass Frames – A Perfect Combination

From individual aspects, eyeglass can be divided into different types. Terms such as full-frame, semi-rimless, and rimless are used to describe the frame structure of eyeglasses. Frame materials include plastics, metals as well as unusual ones such as stone, silver, wood and so on. When we want to introduce lens types, there are plastic lenses and glass lenses, as well as special lenses with additional coatings. Sunglasses lenses are even available in clip-on styles. What’s more, both eyeglass frames and lenses can be applied with different colors, from which certain individuals can get colorful choices.

There are possibly some other factors that can be utilized to group eyeglass options. What is the result once we combine all these aspects in different ways? This leads to the numerous eyeglass types in the market. For instance, semi-rimless style can go with any color and lens material. Both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses can be equipped with a semi-rimless design. It seems that there are feasibly all kinds of such combinations. But in fact, those combinations are not random. Regular conditions should be considered carefully. Among those various combinations, a perfect one is commonly recognized. It is titanium rimless eyeglass frames.

Titanium rimless eyeglass frames come as a perfect combination because the respective features of both the rimless design and the material’s natural features. This combination is very reasonable. At the side of rimless eyeglasses, safety must be firstly ensured. Rimless or frameless glasses are equipped with no frame. They only use some screws to connect the lenses with the temples and the bridge. The lenses have no longer the protection from a full frame provided by full-frame eyeglasses.

From this point, the protection from the temples and the bridge is very important. If these parts are made from traditional metals or plastics, it is impossible to keep a pair of rimless eyeglasses for a long time. The features of durability and strength of titanium are quite needed by rimless eyeglasses. Durable and strong materials are essential to prevent a frame from breaking easily. And these features are particularly needed by rimless glasses. It is commonly seen from either a local store or an online one that titanium is the most commonly used material that comes together with rimless eyeglasses.

Another factor is frame weight. Rimless eyeglasses are supposed to be more lightweight because they use less material. It is a perfect combination if additional lightness can be achieved from the frame. Titanium is also lightweight. Both of the mentioned aspects makes titanium rimless eyeglass frames a perfect combination in the world of eyewear.