Choosing the Right Glasses For You

These days glasses are a stylish fashion accessory that can make the most of your appearance. With styles and colours to suit every personality, face shape and budget it is important to get the right style for you.

When choosing the right frames, think of it like buying new clothes. You would never buy a top without trying it on or without trying on other tops first. Try to get away from the idea of what style of frames you think will suit you and try on as many pairs of glasses frames as you can before making a final decision. A shape of frames you may never have thought would suit you, may just turn out to be the winner!

Before making this important decision, follow these tips:
• It is vital you pick a frame to suit your face shape as this will vary from one person to the next.
• If you have a round face, try to keep away from round and bigger frames as these will make your face appear larger than it really is.
• But if you have a square face, try to pick bigger and rounder frames.
• Getting the colour of your frames right is just as important as getting the right shape.
• If you have blonde or lighter coloured hair, opt for lightweight or metal frames as they will make the most of your features.
• But if you have a pale complexion steer clear of clear frames as coloured frames will help add more colour to your face, complementing your appearance.
• Red heads should go for gold, copper and tortoise-shell coloured frames.
• Dark haired people should try to avoid black rimmed glasses as these will be too severe. A better option may be clear, silver or gold style frames, but browns and reds will also look good.

There are no real rules on finding the right shade or shape of glasses, so use these tips simply as guidelines. Remember, glasses can be a fantastic way of updating your look and expressing your own individual fashion sense so have fun and experiment with different styles.

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