Why Are Plastic Glasses So Popular?

With all the publicity about plastic re-cycling and waste carrier bags, plastic is getting a raw deal at the moment. We in the glasses online industry love our plastic for use in frames and lenses – so what can it do for you?

The biggest shift in use of plastic within our industry is for lenses, where the market has swung round to almost exclusive use of plastic rather than glass. For you as the consumer, this has given you lighter weight, safer specs, with vision that’s just as good as in traditional glass lenses. Plastic light reacting and thin lenses have taken a few years to catch up to the original glass versions, but today there is a plastic option of nearly every type of glass lens. They are used for safety lenses, sports goggles and visors, and most importantly for children, where impact resistance is of the highest importance. Ready readers and sun clips could not be made cheaply and in high quality without plastic components.

In spectacle frame manufacture plastic is used both as a sole material and as a face saving addition to metal frames. We wouldn’t be able to wear metal without the plastic end tips and nose pads that contribute to our daily comfort. Even barely there rimless frames need plastic on the points that touch the skin to prevent reactions and allow adjustability. Highly complex and tough rimless are made by sinking the frame components into the high-density plastic of the lenses, marrying technology with style and durability.

Entire frames made of plastic make up a huge proportion of sales across the industry, giving people strong, adjustable frames that can be totally fashion forward or traditional. They suit Chris Evans just as well as they always suited Ronnie Barker! Plastic frames are strong, impact resistant, and completely hypo-allergenic. They camouflage higher power lenses as they have a thicker edge, and they give a vast amount of choice due to the range of colour effects that can be created with them. They are also highly versatile in terms of finish and inlaid decoration.

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