CliC Magnetic Reading Glasses – Granny’s Readers Just Got a Makeover!

A new model of reading glasses worn on hit TV shows such as CSI: New York is now available in Canada. With their eyes starting to fail them, Baby Boomers still want something fashionable and unique. Grandma’s old clunkers, and those staid metal frames your school librarian used to chain around her neck might soon become antiques.

CliC Magnetic Reading Glasses are the most unique, practical and comfortable readers on the market today. The patented neodymium magnetic front connection at the bridge of the nose and the flexible form-fitting headband are what make them so unique.

To put on your CliCs, simply place the band around your head and the magnetic closure will ‘CliCk’ together over the bridge of the nose to guide the lenses closed. CliC Readers stay in place and won’t slide down your nose or fall off your head when you bend over. When not in use, simply separate the eye pieces and allow the CliC Readers to hang in style around your neck; there when you need them again! The innovative set-up prevents users from losing or crushing their reading glasses, and lets them ditch the clumsy cases or flimsy folding glasses. “You’ll Never Lose Your Reading Glasses Again!”

CliC Magnetic Eyewear- they may just have the same affect on reading glasses that the ubiquitous Crocs had on footwear (both are inexpensive, practical and offer a funky rainbow of colours).

The clever glasses can be seen every week in the hit TV series CSI: New York, worn by a slightly quirky pathologist played by veteran Canadian actor Robert Joy.

The readers are fitted with optical quality polycarbonate lenses in diopters from 1.00 to 3.50. Adjustable at the temples to fit different head sizes and available in many models and dozens of fun colours. Also available in Sunglasses and Goggles. Supporters of Breast Cancer Research might want to get the CliC Pink Ribbon Reader for Breast Cancer. Catch Your Eye donates a generous $15 from each pair sold to this worthy cause.