The Benefits of Wearing Glasses Instead of Contact Lenses

People choose to wear contact lenses instead of glasses for a variety of different reasons. Some people are physically active and play sports, in which case, glasses may prove to be a physical deterrent to their performance. Others prefer to wear contacts for the sake of their appearance, perhaps they spent a large portion of their childhood with the moniker, “four-eyes.” Whatever the incentive, reasonable or otherwise, there are always pros and cons behind every decision. It may seem that wearing contact lenses is more advantageous for those who need corrective vision, and it some cases, this is true. However, there are many benefits to wearing glasses that most people aren’t aware of.

Here are a few reasons:

Putting on and taking off contact lenses can be difficult for someone not accustomed to the process. Many people have an instinctive fear of anything roaming too closely to their eyes, and it usually takes about a day to get used to it. However, in certain situations, the need to take off or slip on one’s contacts can prove extremely inconvenient, say unexpectedly staying over a friend’s house without a contact lens case handy. It’s highly recommended never to sleep with your contacts on if you don’t have a special brand that allows constant wear day and night. The conventional contact dries from prolonged wear and you risk tearing the lens. Prescription glasses are by far, more durable and practical.

Most prescription contact lenses need to be replaced after two weeks of use. There are selections out there that last longer, but the two week replacement is optimal given the usual wear and tear a lens may receive from just daily handling. Given that contacts need to be replaced on a regular basis, most wearers stock up on multiple boxes. Ultimately, the accumulation of these boxes will cost more than a pair of prescription glasses in the longterm, even with designer frames. It’s also easier to find deals and discount rates for prescription glasses from online eyewear stores.

Once you age past high school, glasses no longer lend cause for social stigma. Certain reputable and recognizable celebrities are known for their eyewear, and there are many people out there who opt to wear glasses even without the need for corrective sight. This may seem trivial and silly, frames as fashion statements so to speak, but it also shows a defining shift in popular culture. The negative associations that were once attached to eyewear have now become sought after commodities.

So before you decide to ditch your pair of glasses in the trash bin, take these considerations into mind. gives you an opportunity to change the way you purchase your discount eyeglasses and eyewear. quality frames and lenses will provide you with stylish and durable eyewear at low prices. Our promises of clear vision are backed up by 60 years of experience in optics and manufacturing.