Colored Contact Lenses – From Subtle to Dramatic

Did you know that nearly 40 million people in the United States are contact lens wearers? With so many individuals wearing contacts, it’s no wonder that contact lens providers offer unique, personal choices to suit differing tastes. Many people want to add pizzazz to their looks. When it comes to enhancing your eyes, colored contact lenses offer a change, from subtle to dramatic. If you’re looking to spruce up your style, consider colored contacts.

Acuvue 2 Color Enhancers

Acuvue 2 Color Enhancers are a great way to retain that natural look while adding just a dash of color. They’re available for all those who need vision correction, or even for those who have perfect vision and just want to update their look. These daily wear lenses last all day for two weeks, but you must remove them at night. If you want to leave them in 24/7, you must then replace them every seven days at the most. Each box of these great, naturally-attractive eye color enhancers contains six colored lenses.

Cooper Vision Expressions Accents

Another great natural-look option: Expressions Accents by CooperVision. These disposable lenses last about a month when properly cared for. Color choices include green and blue, and the more dramatic aqua and violet. The manufacturer created a very cool and unique proprietary method for tinting these lenses. The method allows the color of the lenses to blend naturally with your own eye color. This creates a look so natural, it’s nearly impossible to determine if you’re wearing colored contacts at all!

Expressions Colors

For those seeking a dramatic change, try Expressions Colors. Available in eight striking shades, these colored contacts definitely pack a punch. Check out these vibrant colors: topaz, brown, hazel, green, gray, blue and aqua. These offer the same proprietary method that allow your natural color to blend with the color of the contact lenses, so you’re bound to make an illustrious yet natural looking statement when you walk into a room wearing them. Care for them properly, and they’ll last about a month. They come packaged six to a box.

Cibasoft Colors

Cibasoft Colors contact lenses are a great choice for first-time wearers. These great lenses come in six fabulous colors: royal blue, blue, aqua, green, evergreen and amber. These head-turners are known for their radiant hues and incredible comfort. They come packaged in individual glass vials filled with a sterile saline solution. They’re created for year-long use, so be sure to choose a color you’ll be happy with for a long time.

Focus Soft Colors

Do you have light eyes and are simply looking to add a special “zing” to them? Check out 1-2 Week Soft Colors by Focus. These babies are amazing for those with light eyes. They bring out your naturally attractive color while adding an extra bit of sparkle. Everyone will wonder what’s different about you, but no one will realize it’s your colored contacts! These disposables, like the name indicates, last one to two weeks. Color choices: evergreen, aqua and royal blue. Each box contains six lenses. Simple. Comfortable. Gorgeous.

FreshLook Dailies Colorblends

Daily contact lenses are a great way to ensure constant comfort and flexibility. Try FreshLook Dailies Colorblends. The beauty of daily wear? No hassle. No cleaning. Nothing but fresh, clean lenses every single day. How’s that for convenience? These awesome lenses come in blue, green, pure hazel and gray, and feature an exclusive, three-in-one color blending technology, which makes your new color appear distinct yet natural. These dailies come in a box of ten.

FreshLook Toric Colorblends

Suffer from astigmatism? Think you can’t wear colored contacts? Think again. FreshLook Toric Colorblends are colored contact lenses specially created for those with astigmatism. Now you can correct your vision, treat your astigmatism and enhance your eye color all in one fell swoop. Shades offered include true sapphire, turquoise, honey, pure hazel, blue, amethyst green, gray and brown. With shades like that, you’ll never want to go without colored lenses again. And, fortunately, now you don’t have to! These 1-2 week disposable lenses are packaged six to a box.


Ready to get wild? Check out WildEyes contact lenses. These hyper-dramatic lenses are great for Halloween, or whenever you want to stand out drastically. Far from natural, WildEyes come in such exotic styles as Zebra, Cat Eye, Hypnotica, Red Hot and Jaguar. Packaged individually in a glass vial, WildEyes novelty lenses are a great way to make a bolder-than-bold statement when a less-than-natural look is desired.

Color your world with these fantastic colored contact lens options. With such a wide variety available, it’s now possible for everyone to enhance their look. Try some on today!