Eye Color Contact Lenses

Color contact lenses are the in thing amongst the youth these days. Contact lenses actually started out as vision corrective devices. These small, round, saucer shaped discs are worn directly on the cornea of the eye to correct vision. Color lenses come in many different shades. The color lenses are designed to suit dark or light eye colors. Some of the color lenses are brown, blue, aqua, black, green, and gray colored contacts.

Color contact lenses can actually be categorized into three main types. Visibility contact lenses, enhancement contact lenses and opaque contact lenses. Visibility lenses are those, which have small amounts of green, or blue mixed in them. This is done so that the lenses are easily visible. They do not alter your natural eye shade in any way. Enhancement color lenses are those, which, as the name suggests, enhance your natural eye color. These colored lenses come in a variety of different patterns. You can also use these lenses if you want a more pronounced natural eye color. Opaque contacts are those that cover more of your eye than a normal lens does. These usually have solid color fillings in them. Such lenses are usually used for cosmetic or costume purposes.

People with a dark natural eye shade usually use gray colored contacts. Many color lens manufacturers face the challenge of coming up with a lens color that will help cover-up the color of naturally dark eyes. Enhancement lenses do not usually work on people with dark eye colors. The change you get from these lenses is so slight that it will not make much of a difference to your dark eye color.

To find the perfect color lens, you should explore different contact lens vendors. Ciba Vision has a line of contacts for dark eye colored people called FreshLook Colorblends. These color contact lenses are made to imitate the natural eye pattern of the human eye.

With the long list of celebrities who have gray eyes, or sport gray colored contacts, the number of people who choose to wear this Color Contact Lens has increases. From Abraham Lincoln and Clark Gable to Sylvia Plath and Tom Cruise, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of celebrities who inspire people to wear gray lenses.

Several Gray Contact Lenses like pearl gray, sterling gray, misty are available in the market. Before you settle on a particular shade of lenses, try on different color contact lens and shades to see which color brings out the best in your eyes.