Computer Eyeglasses Addressing CVS

As the acronym for computer vision syndrome, CVS represents the array of symptoms associated with computer eye strain. Many people may have experienced some of these visual symptoms if they spend a long time on the computer on a daily basis. In this electronic age, computers have been an indispensable part of daily lives of a large population.

However, there are some side effects of this electronic age. CVS is one of the most obvious testimonies. Spending many hours at a computer screen can cause many symptoms. In US, there are about 125 million individuals suffering from CVS. These people always complaint of eye strain and muscle fatigue.

The underlying cause of CVS is that the computer screen is always ever-changing. It requires a person to repetitively and constantly refocus the eyes. As a result, a heavy workload on the accommodating abilities of internal visual functions occurs. This heavy workload then brings consequences such as blurred and double vision, dry irritated and red eyes, headaches, neck aches and even back pain.

What’s more serious, CVS is affecting more and more children nowadays, because many kids use computers to do homework, chat with friends and even play video games. Some of them may be addicted to computers. Except for adults and children, older people are also susceptible to CVS. This is because these old individuals usually wear prescription eyeglasses, which are particularly unsuitable for computer work.

A common remedy for CVS is computer eyeglasses. Computer screen eyewear can help relieve eye strain and stress, the cause of CVS. These special eyeglasses incorporate innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as advanced digital technology.

Computer eyeglasses significantly address the working conditions of computer users. Manufacturers are still making progress in lens and frame technologies. Thanks to these special designed glasses, people at all ages can work more productively on computers and still experience less symptoms of CVS.