Sperian Polycarbonate Eyeglasses Especially For Females

Protective spectacles are defined as eyewear that is able to minimize harm to eyes from strong light. They make such an achievement with the application of filter lenses, which could alter both the intensity and light spectrum of the light. Thus people, engaging in works that require they to face up to strong light, would receive best protection for eyes from protective spectacles.

This year, Sperian, one of the leading protective spectacle manufactures, starts a product line especially for female goggles production. These W series products, whose frames are mainly made from polycarbonate, are of great fashion, variety, cost performance and uniqueness. The reason why Sperian starts such a specific product line originates from the fact that some exports find that there are some differences between the faces of males and females. For example, females have more exquisite eyebrows, longer and thinner nose frames and rounder checks. Therefore, in view of those differences, Sperian designs those W series polycarbonate eyeglasses, so as to provide safety and comfort for the female wearers. Meanwhile, in order to be aesthetic in appearance, some fashion elements, like rhinestone, special metals and light gray nose pads are added so as to elevate feminine charms.

“Many females need protections to protect their eyes in their working environments, and it is hard for them to find a pair of proper protective eyewears that are both fashionable and pragmatic.” The product manager from Sperian, Kevin Beckerdite says, “The polycarbonate eyeglasses are able to offer both fashion and comfort for the female wearers under the premise of eye protection.”

Generally speaking, those polycarbonate eyeglasses are safer than ordinary ones, because they are not brittle and are of shock resistance measuring up to ANSI Z87+ (shock resistance of high grade). They usually won’t break if they are struck by fast-moving objects such as balls, racquets or BBs. They are supposed to be adjusted to the nose frame and provide visions of parallax-free model with the help of carbonic ester lenses. In addition, the W series polycarbonate eyeglasses bear two types of obliquity, for both indoor use and outdoor use. They have the same excellence on scratch resistance ability as rigid outer coverings.

Then, female friends, why don’t you choose impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses for your glasses, including sunglasses and eyewear for work and play, so that both your eyes and faces can be best protected.