Eyeglasses Complementing Face Shapes

Selecting a proper pair of eyeglasses can be as challenging as having the right hairstyle or wearing clothing that fits the body shape. The most important factor in choosing glasses is to compliment one’s face shape. The first consideration should be given to the right shape of eyeglass frame, because eyeglasses as outstanding devices can easily cause unwanted appearance.

Selecting eyeglasses frame shape, the most basic criterion is to choose a frame that contrasts one’s own facial features. In short, the shape of a frame should be opposite to the face shape of a wearer. Furthermore, the frame size should be in proportion to one’s face size. The following is a detailed explanation of specific face shapes.

People with a round face usually have a larger forehead, jaw lines and circular chin and cheeks. This softness should be offset by sharper contrast. This group of people should select square or rectangular shaped frames, in order to get the best contrast.

In opposite, some people’s faces have square lines and sharp features. These sharp angles should be decreased. Round and oval frames are the right choice for these wearers. Those rounded or bug-eyed fashion shaped glasses can effectively offset the sharp contours of square shaped features. In addition, wearers with square face features should choose frames having more weight or mass on the top section.

Rectangular face is similar to square face, but it is a little longer and chiseled than the latter. In similar, eyeglass wearers with rectangular faces can choose round or oval shaped frames. A good example is the Ray Ban style. This frame style can make rectangular faces appear more proportionate and offset the sharp edges.

Some people have triangle faces. In this case, they can apply the same suggestion on square shapes. Another basic face shape is oval. An individual with oval face can select rounded or angled glasses, which will extenuate the cheekbones focus on the eyes, lips and eyebrows.